Lose belly fat with diet and exercise

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 |

Belly fat, beer belly or tummy fat, what ever you call it, it is referring to those fat that builds up around the stomachs. Do you have this and is making your life miserable? Because of this big bulky stomach, you have stop doing those activities that you love to do previously, like jogging, mountain climbing, cycling and etc.

Well you may think that those belly fat, will only make you look less attractive and this is perfectly OK with you. In fact there are some health risk involve with those belly fat that many are not aware of.

Fat that is store in our body are used as energy when there's not enough food. However when those fat are kept there without burning, those fat cells will begin to release fat molecules into the blood at a higher rate. This will affect your metabolism rate and induce certain health risk, such as diabetes, some types of cancers, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, insulin resistance or even metabolic syndrome.

Therefore it is important to lose belly fat with diet and exercise, as this will improve your metabolism and hence reduces your risk of health problems.

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