Slimming Success with Food Journal

Sunday, December 14, 2008 |
For those who are serious about slimming and loosing weight for good, a detail food journal will be a useful tool to have.

A food journal basically is a logbook consist of your diet plan, your goal and what type of foods you eat everyday. Make it a habit to write down what you have eaten each day and if possible perform a calorie counts on your diet can be very effective in your slimming quest.

How does all this come about? Simple!

To archive a certain goal, you need a plan. When you have the plan, you need to execute and evaluate so that you know your plan works.

By holding to this simple principle, the food journal will be your blue print to slimming success. By tracking the kind of foods eaten each day, you will know what effect those foods have on your weight. Knowing what kind of foods will put on weight and what kind of food will bring down the weight, you will have a clearer idea on what food to avoid and what food to consume safely.

You will be much more wiser in choosing the right food to eat and your diet plan will be much more effective to use. The food journal will also act as a constant reminder to you on your slimming plan so that you can keep on track all the time. It is very easy to stray off from your slimming plan if you have nothing to keep you reminded.

Keeping a food journal is not difficult. All you need is consistency with discipline and determination. Remember your goal, it will keep you motivated. If you find keeping a food journal is difficult, then loosing weight and slimming is even more difficult.

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