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Monday, December 29, 2008 |
Losing weight to slimming down seems like a common dream that many people wants to archive, but yet many have faced disappointment and never get to see their dream realize.

Yet there are many who found success and archive what they want, making their slimming dream come true.

So what make the difference between these two categories of people?

Here are 3 main reasons to it.

1. Mentality
Do you have the mind and soul to believe that you can make it? This is the key factor to success. You need to have the mind set to believe that slimming and weight lost is achievable and you can do it no matter how tough the journey got to be.

2. A Detail Plan
You need a detail plan on how to archive your desire weight. Everything success stories come with a good and workable plan. Without any plan, you will get lost somewhere along the way and eventually give up.

Do have these details in your plan. Weight lost program, time frame and monitoring.

3. Discipline
Once the plan has been draw up, is all boil down to following and executing it. Strong wills is needed to ensure every step is executed accordingly and never to give up at any stage until the plan is completed.

Here is where many people don’t get to do it correctly, simply because of lack of strong will. When the process become too difficult, they give up or something come along the way, like Christmas season, they forgotten that they are on strict diet and start taking food discrepantly.

Once the above 3 reason is being sort out and understand in deep, you will start to see success in your slimming process.

Slimming is not an overnight thing, it take time and patient. Those program that offer overnight results most of the time will not work, and you are wasting your time and money to try them out.

Therefore get your plan out, put it on paper, paste it on your fridge or anywhere where you can read them everyday and keep yourself reminded about this plan. Your goal must be real to you. You must feel and see your dream come true. The power is in your hand !

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Jan said...

Well, I'm a tad slim, but I've got stomach flabs not abs. Hehehe. Too much sitting and reading other blogs and interacting in social media. May be I should run more outside, in the park. Great post.