How to Deal With Christmas Food Gifts

Thursday, December 18, 2008 |
Christmas is round the corner. Homemade cookies, chocolate, candies are common goody used as Christmas gifts. What happen now if you received all this food gifts but you know that you are on a weight lost program that forbids you to consume this food?

Are you going to put the program aside and enjoy the sinful snacks and then come back again to your program after Christmas?

Well here are some suggestions that may help you to deal with this temptation.

1) Donate those cookies, chocolate and candies to orphanage.

Christmas is a time of giving and a time for sharing. Doing little things like this will bring great joy to this children.

2) Shared it with your friends

Use it as refreshment snacks for your friends when you have your Christmas party or gathering. You can choose to have some which will not hurt you instate of having all of them to your own.

3) Spent it with your colleagues

Your colleagues will be thankful to you when you share out some of the delicious cookies and chocolate in the office. As long as your boss allows, it is a good and fast way to clear off those stocks you have.

4) Keep it somewhere and consume it in small amount

Candies, and chocolate may have long expiring date and it will be good to store them somewhere where is not easily visible. So that you are not tempted to finish all of them in one go. It is still OK to eat small amount of this candies and chocolate, as long as is within the limits. SO open small packs of this and consume it slowly. Avoid having the whole big pack to yourself, as you will tent to finish them at one go!

5) Use it as party gifts.

Again candies and chocolate that have long expiring date can be used as party gift pack. Repack them into smaller pack and use it for your children’s birthday party or any school parties.

There are many ways to deal with those Christmas foods that you cannot consume at one go, here are just some suggestion that are commonly used by many. Instate of throwing it all into the dustbin, share it with other is a good idea as Christmas is a time for sharing.

Merry Christmas.


Karen said...

I put fudge I was given into a box and sent it to my daughter. She and her co workers will love it!

NIX said...

Karen, That's a good one. Shared it with other. Thanks

Mike Foster said...

Hope and peace for this holiday season and for a fantastic 2009!

Happy Holidays!

Bria said...

Lovely ideas!! Food gifts are right choice and everyone like it!!