Is health food really healthy food?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 |
Have you gone to the grocery store and look for foods that have a healthy label on it? Or are you those who will look out for products that belong to the healthy group?

If the answer is YES, I urge that you read on and to find out why.

Has it every come across your mind that those products that are labeled as health foods really is healthy food for your body? Did you read the contains in details to find out how healthy it is?

I think is time for you who wish to buy really healthy food to know what this means by knowing what the contains of the packaging is.

Many time products that sell on the shelf are market as healthy food because it attracts buyers. But how true it is that they are really healthy food and not just a label telling so? This will require the buyer to have knowledge on what is good and what is no good.

Example, is peanut butter without fat consider healthier then peanut better with fat?

Well here’s an article I’ve found that give you some insight on product that labeled as healthy but in fact does not have any elements that make it really a healthy food.

Click here to read more about it.

So be wise in choosing foods that is really healthy to you and not being fool by advertisement that wants you to think that their product is good.

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