How my colleague lose weight with diet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 |
I was with one of my colleague during an office break yesterday and he was bragging about his success in shading of 5 kilos in just 1-month time. He felt so happy with his success that he so willingly shares his secret to me.

So I ask how did you do it ?

Here’s how he answered. Diets. Basically he removes rice from his daily diet, only consume cook vegetable and take lean chicken meat. He does add that one day in a week, he will rather find the joy of eating then just dieting. He did this for the pass one months and that’s how his weight went down.

Beside look slimmer then before, he looks more vibrant as well. He looks younger and more energetic. I guess the success really put the smile in his face.

So you can see that without much exercise, by eating correctly it will help you in losing weight. What my colleague did was just having simple understanding on eating correctly.

Now you can have higher success rate, faster weight lost result if you know the intensive method of loosing weight with diet. Dieting should not be boring, dull and make dinning difficult. Good dieting program can help restore every fun, interest and joy in eating food and yet having the effect of shading weight.

Therefore checkout Strip That Fat dieting program and start experience weight lost like never before.

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